Managing resources for an Application

We can use blow command to create resources and bind which resource is created. This command depend on service-catalog.

Use drycc resources to create and bind a resource for a deployed application.

$ drycc help resources
Valid commands for resources:

resources:create           create a resource for the application
resources:list             list resources in the application
resources:describe         get a resource detail info in the application
resources:update           update a resource from the application
resources:destroy          delete a resource from the applicationa
resources:bind             bind a resource to servicebroker
resources:unbind           unbind a resource from servicebroker

Use 'drycc help [command]' to learn more.

Create resource in application

You can create a resource with one drycc resources:create command

$ drycc resources:create memcached:custom memcached
Creating memcached to scenic-icehouse... done

After resources are created, you can list the resources in this application.

$ drycc resources:list
=== scenic-icehouse resources
memcached      memcached:custom

Bind resources

The resource which is named memcached is created, you can bind the memcached to the application, use the command of drycc resources:bind memcached.

$ drycc resources:bind memcached
Binding resource... done

Describe resources

And use drycc resources:describe show the binding detail. If the binding is successful, this command will show the information of connect to the resource.

$ drycc resources:describe memcached
=== scenic-icehouse resource memcached
plan:        memcached:custom
status:      Ready
binding:     Ready

PORT:        11211

Update resources

You can use the drycc resources:update command to upgrade a new plan. An example of how to upgrade the plan's capacity to 100MB:

$ drycc resources:update memcached:100 memcached
Updating memcached to scenic-icehouse... done

Remove the resource

If you don't need resources, use drycc resources:unbind to unbind the resource and then use drycc resources:destroy to delete the resource from the application. Before deleting the resource, the resource must be unbinded.

$ drycc resources:unbind memcached
Unbinding resource... done

$ drycc resources:destroy memcached
Deleting memcached from scenic-icehouse... done